Thursday, September 4, 2014

9/3/14 San Juan Island

Roche Habor on San Juan Island

Today I left most of my gear at Val and Malcom's and explored the island.  First I went North up to Roche Harbor, where a very large lime mining operation once was.  First stop was the mausoleum of the McMillin family, the owners of the lime operation.  A very weird place.  All kinds of symbolism.  Each of the family members are buried beneath those chairs.

The McMillin Mausoleum
Then I went to Roche Harbor itself.  In the leftmost building of the leading picture, Peggy and I, and the rest of the Venture Yacht Club had dinner in the upper story to celebrate Peggy's and my 25th anniversary.  Of course Peggy probably remembers it best for the cannon they shoot off every evening as they lower the flag!

Someone's got to do it!
Fawn & Momma

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