Thursday, September 11, 2014

9/9/14 Belfair State Park to Shelton

Old Alpha-Romero Sprint on the road to Shelton
9/9/14 Belfair State Park to Shelton
33 miles (359 trip miles)

Well maybe not quite the route I took before.  I Started off from Belfair on 106 (my previous route) but then the Adventure Cycling route took me up away from the Hood Canal to Mason Lake.  What a climb!  I had to push the bike for the first 1/2 mile with another 3 miles of serious climbing.  At least there was very little traffic.

I found a barber in Shelton so I got a much needed haircut.  Then, since I never got lunch, I had an early supper.  After supper my body was rebelling against going further.  There didn't seem to be any campgrounds in striking distance so I ended up spending the night in luxury (compared to camping) at the Shelton Inn.

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