Friday, September 19, 2014

9/19/14 - Garaibaldi

Rear Tire after 622 miles (now on the front)
9/19/14 - Garibaldi

I got off to a rough start this morning.  After packing up, as I went to head out things didn't feel right.  I looked back abd my rear tire was flat.  When I took off the wheel to repair the flat I was astonded to see that the tread pattern on the rear tire was completly worn off after 620 miles.  To even things out I decided I needed to rotate the tires, so now I had to remove both wheels and tires.  With the front wheel off I found the front bearings had come out of adjustment.  So add digging out the cone wrenches to adjust the bearings.  And just to make it more interesting, I could not find the cause of the original flat.

But everything is back together with the old rear tire and tube up in front where I can keep an eye on them.  I was planning to have breakfast in Garibaldi, but it turned out to be lunch instead!

One good point was as I was pushing the bike up to a good place to do the repairs a lady walked up and said "Hello Kerry."  It turned out she was one of the county people that collet the camground fees.  She told me she owed me some money, because they only charge $20 for hiker/bikers.  So my $32 campsite was actualy only $20 and I got $12 back.


  1. Stay strong Kerry. Praying. My heart <3 is with you, cousin.

  2. Yes. Please pray with us for Kerry and Peggy and Tara. Kerry was struck by a truck Friday and he is in critical care in a trauma center in Portland.

  3. I guess it is time to post...for those of you following it looks like this trip has come to an end. My dad was stuck by an F150 in Tillamook oregon. He is now at the trama Emanuel hospital in portland. He has a serious brain injury, broken clavicle and we just learned it looks like he has had a heart attack as well BUT we are not sure on this yet as they need to run more tests though and can't treat it due to the brain injury. They recently decided to put him under deeper sedation in order to keep his brain from over working. Please keep him in your thoughts or prayers or whatever it is that you do. We greatly appreciate it. My dad is strong and I know he will pull through. This is also one of the top trama units.
    His daughter Tara
    P.s. my mom and I are with him in his room and they are taking care of us too.

  4. Oh Tara..please give your mom a big hug for me ..we are praying for you all and keeping faith he will get well soon. Much Love Andie

  5. Thank you for letting us all learn from and be enriched by your dad these many years.

  6. Rest well my friend. Thank you for the knowledge and laughs over the past four years at the office and in bike class.

    All my love to the Kunsman family

  7. So sad. And
    we lost a wonderful friend. Kerry, rest in peace.

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