Sunday, September 14, 2014

9/13/14 Castle Rock to Longview (19 miles)

"Drift" Fishing on the Cowlitz River.
They motor upstream, then drift down with the current.
9/13/14 Castle Rock to Longview (19 miles)
Trip Total 492 miles

No problems last night.  Camping like that does remind you how convenient it is to have a real sink and a table.

I had camped near the castle Rock Bike Skills Park.  It's an off-road skills park with all kinds of challenges.  By the time I was ready to pull out they were setting up for "Bike Blowout 2014".  This was basically an off-road skills event for kids.  I deferred trying to take my loaded Miyata over any of the course!

Went to breakfast at Lacey's Cafe.  It wasn't very busy, but I don't know why.  The food was good, the prices reasonable, and the owner friendly.  I guess I was hungry.  After having an eggs, sausage, and hash browns breakfast, I then ordered a French Toast breakfast!

The cafe owner told me that the Adventure Cyclist route out of Castle rock was quite hilly.  Since I wanted to go to Longview she suggested another route that paralleled I-5, Pleasant Hill Road.  It was really a good route with minimal traffic.

In Longview I attempted to find a bike shop that could help me resolve the clicking noise coming from my bottom bracket area.  One shop I couldn't find (they went out of business).  I convinced the second shop to loan me a used set of pedals and was able to prove the pedals weren't the problem, but they couldn't do any more.  At the third, Bob's Bike Shop, the manager, Genece Cooper, was kind enough to set aside other work to take a look at my bike.  After removing my cranks she discovered that the fixed-cup side of my cartridge bottom bracket had worked loose.  Some grease and re-torquing of the bottom bracket and all my clicking noises seem to be cured!  Thank you Genece!

Since it was close to 5 by the time we finished with the bike repair I decided to spend the night in Longview, so another night of luxury (relatively) in a motel.  Two people here in Longview have said the Adventure Cyclist route to Astoria is very busy with truck traffic and has suggested I cross over to Oregon on the bridge here in Longview.  So tomorrow I will be taking their advice and heading into Oregon by way of the Lewis and Clark Bridge.


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  1. In this blog you have shared your experience with us. I agree with you about Lacey's Cafe, because I visited this cafe before the magical yellowstone tours packages. I must say the food of this cafe is awesome.