Thursday, September 11, 2014

9/10/14 Shelton to Millersylvania State Park (Maytown)

Shelton - Any town that has a nice old Shay Locomotive can't be all bad!
9/10/14 Shelton to Millersylvania State Park (Maytown)
42 miles (401 trip miles)

Not much scenery today,  just pushing miles.  I'm going to try Adventure Cyclists' recommendation for crossing the Columbia, at Cathlamet.  This avoids the Astoria Bridge, which I really didn't like the last time I crossed it.  However, their route goes West from Shelton to Elma, then East to Centralia.  This adds about 25 miles to the route.   So today I struck out on my own and went straight down 101.  It was noisy with not much to look at, but definitely shorter. Tonight I am about 15 miles North of Centralia.

I got into the campground just as it was getting dark.  I couldn't find a grocery store before reaching camp so it's Ramen noodles and Tuna fish for supper tonight.

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