Friday, September 12, 2014

9/11/14 Maytown to Lewis and Clark State Park (Toledo) (40 miles)

Camping among one of the last stands of old forest - Lewis and Clark State Park
9/11/14 Maytown to Lewis and Clark State Park (Toledo) (40 miles)

Trip total 440 miles.

Chilly this morning.  I didn't want to get out of my sleeping bag.  Glad I brougth my sweater!

Another day of mostly just riding.  I would have made better time, but I got lost in Centralia looking for the bike shop (it doesn't exist!), and the Adventure Cycling map is wrong!  When I finally found what one guy described as the "bike store" (it was a sporting goods store with some bike accessories) the owner looked at the Adventure Cycling map and said "Do you like to climb?  That route has a major hill in it."  He suggested an alternate route that was shorter, and less hilly that turned out great!

Got to camp late (8:30) and had to set up in the dark ..., but I am here.  The park is about 8 miles North of Toledo.

PT Bob, are you reading?  Forget the Jambolaga with Cheese I had the other night.  Get the Zatarains Original Jambolaya mix and Jimmy Dean's precooked  Pork Sasuage and Bacon Crumbles.  Will make your nose run and your tummy happy.  Serves 5 according to the package, or one cycletourist (2 if your friendly and willing to share).  :-)  Bob the cat ... you can try it too, ask Val or Malcom.

Today I bought a little keyboard to go with my tablet.  I'll have to see how it is going to work out, but sofar I'm pleased.



  1. Been reading all your entries...I had a heck of a time making your picture larger camp so I could actually see it (I'm on my phone). Your campsite is awesome! Wondering if you saw the Northern light show. I think I'm a little too far South to have seen it. Watch out for bears!

  2. Love the posts dad! I still check everyday in hopes of seeing something new. It's like my Crack haha. Mom and I miss you!