Wednesday, September 17, 2014

9/17/14 - Astoria to Seaside

I got to remember to take those knee braces off before someone takes my picture!
9/17/14 - Astoria to Seaside (20.5 miles)
Trip miles 582

Not much mileage today.  I got a late start from Astoria (updating blog).  When I got to Seaside I was able to complete my "North (Oregon) Coast Craft Beer Trail" requirement (8 breweries) and collect my official souvenir pint glass!  While at the tourism center (the pint glass distributor) the lady there gave me some ideas of things to see while in Seaside, so I hung around a bit.  While riding down the "Promenade", the equivalent of San Diego's boardwalk, I met a guy on a cruiser that invited me to spend the night in his back yard.  Since it was already raining lightly, I accepted.  This allowed me to have supper at one of the local restaurants, "Dundee's Bar & Grill" instead of cooking supper in the dark and rain.

Tomorrow, continuing South.

Seaside, the end of the Lewis & Clark Trail.
They made salt here to preserve food for
their trip back.
The Seaside Beach
Heading to the beach, Seaside, Oregon

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