Saturday, September 13, 2014

9/12/14 Toledo to Castle Rock (31 miles)

I-5 Crossing the Cowlitz River (Note I'not on I-5)
9/12/14 Friday - Toledo to Castle Rock (31 miles)
Trip Total 471miles

Another "just traveling" day.  I'll be glad when I get to the coast. This area is a lot of farmland, with not a lot to see.  I did travel along the Cowlitz River for about 10 miles today which added some interest.  I got to see a salmon leap to catch a bug, but he wouldn't repeat the performance for me when I had the camera.

Tonight I'm "guerilla" camping right by the Cowlitz River.  It's an area suggested by a Castle Rock policeman.  He said fishrmen camp there all the time.

Tomorrow I should reach the Columbia River, the dividing line between Washington and Oregon.  It may take me another day to actually get across but it still exciting to have completly traversed Washington.


This is Farm Country
Where your Washington Christmas Trees come from
Goats along the way

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