Friday, September 19, 2014

9/18/14 - Seaside to Barview Campground (Garibaldi)

The Rugged Oregon Coast
9/18/14 - Seaside to Barview Campground (Garibaldi) (40 miles)
Trip miles 622

Some serious climbing today.  Three hills for a toatl of 1,800 feet.  Did OK though.  I think my legs are getting used to this.  Some great views from the tops of those hills.  There is no more heavy climing until I'm South of Neskowin (about 50 miles). 

Had to go through an uphill tunnel at Arch Cape.  They have a button you push that set off flashing lights notifing motorist that there is a bicyclist in the tunnel and speed is reduced to 30 mph.  It's still pretty scary slowly cranking your way uphil as the traffic roars by you, much of it was going a lot faster than 30 mph!

Barview is a county campground and I expected the normal $10 or so for a hiker/biker site, a little more if they don't have hiker/biker sites.  Not so here, $32 for a basic campsite.  I was tempted to continue my ride int Garibaldi to check on a motel, but I didn't.

The Haystack by Cannon Beach
Getting Ready to Enter the Tunnel
The $32 Campsite
Barview Campground Beach

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