Sunday, August 31, 2014

Still in Victoria

One of the many picturist ponds at Beacon Hill Park
Today I took the bike and roamed a little farther than I could by foot.  I went to 8wBeacon Hill Park which is truly fantastic.  I also rode about 10 miles along the coast to a community called Oak Bay.  Lots of quaint victorian houses and picturesque secenery.

Sorry, but the internet here is really slow so not many pictures.
A totem at Becan Hill Park
Just for Tara

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Laying Low in Victoria

The Parliament House by day

And by Night
 When I checked with the hostel clerk this morning he told me they had an opening for Sunday night.  This being Labor Day weekend I decided to take it and lay low in Victoria for the rest of the weekend.  Then I'll head for the San Juan Islands on Monday after all the tourists have gone home!

 Yesterday I explored the Inner Harbor on foot.  I spent a couple of hours poking around British Columbia's Maritime Museum here in Victoria.  And, just special for me, they arranged a Classic Boat Festival!  Lots of very classy, and some not so, boats of all shapes and sizes, including the Canadian Navy training vessel.

Classic Boat Festival
Today I am doing some laundry and I may get the bike out and poke around a bit.

More Boat Festival
Water Taxis
Bagpiper playing by three Parliament House

Friday, August 29, 2014

Headed to Victoria

Passing the Vancouver Bound Ferry
Thursday was head to Victoria day.  Loaded the bike on lightrail and bus for the trip down to Tsawwassen to catch the ferry to Vancouver Island.  Arriving at Swartz Bay I got my first real loaded riding experiene riding the 30 km (20 miles) down to Victoria.  Or it should have been 20 miles.  I was more like 25 miles due to my getting lost and off the trail a number of times!
My Miyata with it's bike buddies on the ferry
I had some concerns because as of Wednesday night I had no place to stay Thursday.  Everybody was booked up because of Labor Day weekend (not the best planning on my part). I tried about 6 Warms Howes hosts, but no luck there either.  Fortunately, before I left the Vancouver hostel they checked the Victoria hostel again.  There had been a cancelation, so I had a pleasant to sleep Thursday night!  When I checked into the Victoria hostel the clerk told me that they had gotten openings for Friday and Saturday, so I grabbed them too.  I'll work on Sunday night next.  I'll be glad when the Labor day weekend is over and things quiet down.
The route from Vancouver to Vancouver Island

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beautiful Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver as seen from Granville Island
 all day yesterday touring around Vancouver on my bike.  In all I put on about 30 miles (50 km, this is Canada) exploring the city and the parks.  Vancouver is a great place to bike, both on the streets and on their many bike paths.  Stanley Park is really huge with bike path all the way around it and many hard pack trails through the interior.  unfortunately I found myself going clockwise when the bike path was one-way counterclockwise!  I managed by using sidewalks and an interior loop that allowed me to get going in the right direction.
 Below are some pictures from my wanderings yesterday.  I tried to put them in order, but I am still having a heck of a time trying to master this tablet!

Totems in Stanley Park

 Water Taxi at Granville Island

Hard pack Interior trail in Stanley Park

Beach 2 in Stanley Park.  That's really it's name!

Lion's Gate Bridge

Girl in Wetsuit sculpture

Kids Waterpark

And a Kid Dryer!

Sunset in Vancouver

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Greetings from Canada, eh!

The Peace Arch at the Canada/US border

I am now in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  I rode up from Seattle with my friend Cary,but he did not have a passport, so he dropped me off at the border.  I'mean still adjusting to the loaded bike and the first thing I encountered was a steep hill climb up to the route into Vancover.  It's amazing how much attention the loaded touring bike gets.  I stopped at the top of a hill to catch my breath, cool down, and get my bearings, and almost immediately a lady came up and asked if she could help me.  she let me use her phone (mine doesn't work in Canada) so I could call the hostel where I was going to stay.  Then a guy came by and infomed me I couldn'the take the direct route I planned because there was a tunel under the river that did not allow bicycles!  He suggested that I take the bus  and lightrail that would get me through the tunnel and get me to the hostel much faster.  He explained exactly how to do it, and since it was getting late, I decided it was a good idea.  It was until I got on the bus and the driver informed me I need $2.75 in Canadian quarters, no bills!  But another rider on the bus saved me.  He took my $3.00 US and paid my fare in the required Canadian quarters!
The loaded bike on the lightrail

 I finally made it to the hostel around 9 PM.  I offloaded all my ń£ear, introduced myself to my 3 roomates, then went to take shower.  When I got back to the room everyone had already gone to bed!  II hadn'the eaten yet so I went out for some fish & chips and a beer.  When I got back I crawled into bed (upper bunk) as quietly as I could and crashed.  When I woke up this morning I expected my roommates to be all up and gone, but theyou were all still asleep!

Today I plan to explore Vancouver.  I'll spend the night at the hostel again, then head to Victoria tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Here in Seattle

The Seattle skyline as seen from Duwamish Head (North Alki Beach)
m sorry for the delay in posting any blogs, but I have been fighting a series of communication battles, first with my Seattle friend's Internet connection, and then with accessing the other blog. caused me so much frustration that I finally just gave up on it.  Hopefully this one is better behaved.

I've been in Seattle since last Thursday,  staying with my friend Cary and getting prepared to start.  My bike survived the flight just fine.  I've got it all reassembled and have ridden it about 40 miles visiting Seattle.
 The top picture is taken at the North end of Alki Beach.  Alki Beach is kind of like Mission Beach in San Diego,  complete with sand volleyball courts, bike rentals, and good beach restaurants. 

The second photo is, of course, the required shot from the base of the Space Needle.

The third one is a whimsical sea sculpture by the Seattle Aquarium.

I will be leaving Seattle today for Vancouver, BC.  I'll probably spend a day there and then decide if I am heading North or West.