Saturday, August 30, 2014

Laying Low in Victoria

The Parliament House by day

And by Night
 When I checked with the hostel clerk this morning he told me they had an opening for Sunday night.  This being Labor Day weekend I decided to take it and lay low in Victoria for the rest of the weekend.  Then I'll head for the San Juan Islands on Monday after all the tourists have gone home!

 Yesterday I explored the Inner Harbor on foot.  I spent a couple of hours poking around British Columbia's Maritime Museum here in Victoria.  And, just special for me, they arranged a Classic Boat Festival!  Lots of very classy, and some not so, boats of all shapes and sizes, including the Canadian Navy training vessel.

Classic Boat Festival
Today I am doing some laundry and I may get the bike out and poke around a bit.

More Boat Festival
Water Taxis
Bagpiper playing by three Parliament House

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  1. san juan island has a really great state park right in the middle and a super cool lake for swimming