Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beautiful Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver as seen from Granville Island
 all day yesterday touring around Vancouver on my bike.  In all I put on about 30 miles (50 km, this is Canada) exploring the city and the parks.  Vancouver is a great place to bike, both on the streets and on their many bike paths.  Stanley Park is really huge with bike path all the way around it and many hard pack trails through the interior.  unfortunately I found myself going clockwise when the bike path was one-way counterclockwise!  I managed by using sidewalks and an interior loop that allowed me to get going in the right direction.
 Below are some pictures from my wanderings yesterday.  I tried to put them in order, but I am still having a heck of a time trying to master this tablet!

Totems in Stanley Park

 Water Taxi at Granville Island

Hard pack Interior trail in Stanley Park

Beach 2 in Stanley Park.  That's really it's name!

Lion's Gate Bridge

Girl in Wetsuit sculpture

Kids Waterpark

And a Kid Dryer!

Sunset in Vancouver

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