Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Here in Seattle

The Seattle skyline as seen from Duwamish Head (North Alki Beach)
m sorry for the delay in posting any blogs, but I have been fighting a series of communication battles, first with my Seattle friend's Internet connection, and then with accessing the other blog.  Blog.com caused me so much frustration that I finally just gave up on it.  Hopefully this one is better behaved.

I've been in Seattle since last Thursday,  staying with my friend Cary and getting prepared to start.  My bike survived the flight just fine.  I've got it all reassembled and have ridden it about 40 miles visiting Seattle.
 The top picture is taken at the North end of Alki Beach.  Alki Beach is kind of like Mission Beach in San Diego,  complete with sand volleyball courts, bike rentals, and good beach restaurants. 

The second photo is, of course, the required shot from the base of the Space Needle.

The third one is a whimsical sea sculpture by the Seattle Aquarium.

I will be leaving Seattle today for Vancouver, BC.  I'll probably spend a day there and then decide if I am heading North or West.


  1. Very excited for you Kerry. We will be happily following you on you're adventure and pray fir your safe travels :)

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  3. Beautiful photos. Keep 'em coming! HAVE FUN!

  4. Ride safe and update often, well when you can. Plenty of pics are required. Be safe.