Friday, August 29, 2014

Headed to Victoria

Passing the Vancouver Bound Ferry
Thursday was head to Victoria day.  Loaded the bike on lightrail and bus for the trip down to Tsawwassen to catch the ferry to Vancouver Island.  Arriving at Swartz Bay I got my first real loaded riding experiene riding the 30 km (20 miles) down to Victoria.  Or it should have been 20 miles.  I was more like 25 miles due to my getting lost and off the trail a number of times!
My Miyata with it's bike buddies on the ferry
I had some concerns because as of Wednesday night I had no place to stay Thursday.  Everybody was booked up because of Labor Day weekend (not the best planning on my part). I tried about 6 Warms Howes hosts, but no luck there either.  Fortunately, before I left the Vancouver hostel they checked the Victoria hostel again.  There had been a cancelation, so I had a pleasant to sleep Thursday night!  When I checked into the Victoria hostel the clerk told me that they had gotten openings for Friday and Saturday, so I grabbed them too.  I'll work on Sunday night next.  I'll be glad when the Labor day weekend is over and things quiet down.
The route from Vancouver to Vancouver Island


  1. Call me I'm in Seattle 206-919-8896

  2. Oh jeez I'm almost about to give up - this is the SIXTH time Ice tried posting here - super not friendly interface
    Anyhow I'm in west Seattle and have done kits of similar tours (west coast, coast to coast, etc ) friend of your friend Paul green - have some good advice if u care about biking WA and beyond (WA can be weird) OR is cool etc 206-919-8896 or davidonewell.facebook.773
    Something like that

  3. Sounds like you are meeting good people and things are going your way. I'm having a heck of a time trying to reply. Stay safe cousin....

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